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NeoSourcing -Our Sourcing Services

Acquiring an industrial manufacturing sourcing agent for your business needs provides an effective way to leverage several key areas of internetional business.

Whether you are looking to obtain a sourcing agent for multiple language communications, negotiation management, quality control or shipping and logictics, Neodim provides numerous benefits that cannot be matched by international distributors.

Our sourcing agents are highly trained industrial business administrators that understand the nuances of international business. They will provide you with an international business plan that is suited to your company's spesific requirements.

Whether you are currently weighing the advantages of a sourcing agent over an international distributor, Neodim will assist you through the entire process.


Locating new products & suppliers
Manage negotiations
Quality control & sample test
Expertise in manufacturing processes
Good understanding of suppliers' capabilities and capacity
Engineering solutions
Shipping & logistics searching

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